Having a real desire to improve the standard of your assignments means you can quickly develop confidence in your ability to submit quality work.

I can provide sensible advice on essay preparation and organisation, grammar, structure, and referencing, with the aim to enhance your academic writing skills.

I am here to support your efforts with a combination of constructive criticism, encouragement and a no-nonsense approach to progressively improving your assignment grades/results.

I will work with you to attain an improved level of competence and overall satisfaction with your assignments if they fall into my areas of expertise:

Social Sciences incl. Social Work, Psychology & Psychoanalytic Studies

There are 2 easy steps in commencing online with this service:

Step 1: Let me know a few days in advance, when you intend emailing me your completed or partially completed assignment. This will enable me to set aside the time required to work on your assignment(s).

Step 2: Email your assignment(s) to me. On receiving your work, I will be able to provide a quote. If you are agreeable to the fee, you would complete the payment process on this page.

I will then return your assignment with appropriate corrections, suggested amendments, advice, and comments where required.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to email me anytime. Click here to send me an email message.

I look forward to working with you.

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YOTS is Kerri Lawler-Rotkirch BSw, Grad Dip Child Psychotherapy, Master Psychoanalytic Studies (Aus) PhD Researcher